Replacement Parts


7200 Roll-Guard A-Frame Safety Ladder

MSRP $499.99

Aesthetically pleasing contemporary design in beautiful warm gray color


Aboveground Curve Inpool Step System

MSRP $519.99

Confer Curve base (staircase) 4-step for aboveground.


Confer Curve Add-On Piece (for use with both CCX-AG & CCX-IG Drop-In Steps)

MSRP $349.99

The CCX-ADD Curve Corner Add-On Pool Step by Confer is made for use with the CCX-IG 3 Step Base for in-ground pools and CCX-AG 4 Step Base for above ground pools. The CCX-ADD is a universal Add-On piece to be used in tandem with one of our CCX base steps. With the CCX-ADD Curve Corner Add-On Step connected to the Base step, the complete Curve Step System width is 58". The Curve Add-On Pool Step can only be installed on the right side of the step as you are facing it.


Please Note:This  Step Add-On cannot be used by itself and must be installed with the respective Base Step to complete the Curve Step System. Before purchasing, confirm with your retailer whether you are getting the Curve with the Add-on, or just the Add-on

Built in compliance with ISPSC 2021 


Confer In Pool Step

MSRP $499.99

For above ground pools with flat bottoms.


Curve In Ground Inpool Step System

MSRP $519.99

Confer Curve base (staircase) 3-step for inground


Economy Inpool Ladder

MSRP $199.99

Straight Up and Down Inpool


Eliminator A-frame Ladder

MSRP $435.95

One SKU fits 48″ to 54″ above ground pools: Adjustability is made by simply moving side braces up or down depending on pool height.


Eliminator Heavy-Duty Inpool Ladder

MSRP $299.99

Deluxe heavy-duty in-pool ladder


Evolution A-frame Ladder

MSRP $349.99

Economical, yet full-featured


Ground-to-Step Entry Ladder (FOR USE WITH CCX-AG ONLY)

MSRP $219.99

When combined with our Curve step it forms an economical entry/exit system

Double Pool Entry System with Gate


MSRP $1,799.99


Pool Entry System

MSRP $999.99


Safe and Secure System

MSRP $999.99


Step Enclosure System Kit

MSRP $499.99

Allows you to connect and enclose two Confer Steps-1Xs for an economical entry system.