Frequently Asked Questions

We cannot manufacture a step like that without making a product that goes too far into the swimming pool.
To prevent any algae build up, at least once a week, and while inside swimming pool, use a garden hose with a high pressure nozzle to spray under and behind the curve step system.
Many plastics are attacked by ultraviolet radiation and products made from them could crack or disintegrate if they are not made UV stable. We include a 20 year UV package in all of our pool and spa products that withstand weather, sunlight, and pool chemical exposure.
Here are the dimensional measurements for our various models.
All of our swimming pool ladders & steps and spa steps are blow-molded out of high density polyethylene.
A two-person lift — and removal of the fill/drain plugs — usually gets the job done, but if you are left to winterize on your own, a simple siphon kit will help.
If you ordered our #7200 A-Frame Pool Ladder with Mat from please note that the mat is shipped separately from the ladder — and it is provided by the seller, NOT Confer Plastics — and it may arrive after the ladder.
The simple answer is that it is never a bad idea to offer this extra protection device for your liner.
Due to insurance requirements and specific building codes in most municipalities across the US, we cannot sell those kits that way.
Yes, please click for more information.
We strongly recommend pool ladders and steps be removed from the swimming pool during the off season (winter months).
Floating steps can be a problem if all the air has NOT been removed from the insides of the step system.If the step is floating, the installer needs to ensure that the correct amount of sand has been added and the step has been purged of all air. Click above for more solutions!
The add-on portion of the Curve Step (item #CCX-AG-2) can only be installed on the right side of the base step unit.
Blow molding is a plastics process specific to hollow and dual-wall parts.
With blow molding, production potential is nearly limitless.
We work with a variety of resins including, but not limited to, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PPE, ABS, and Nylon.
Yes! Plug & Cap Sets are available under the replacement parts for your ladder or step.
No, the 8000X should not be used on the inside of the pool. For a ladder/step combo, please consider our SIG-X Safe and Secure system.
NO!! If the appropriate amount of sand is added, the steps do not float.
Yes! Find your product, click the gearbox on the product page, and click the gear to view replacement parts.