What are the dimensions of your pool ladders and steps?

Before approving a permit, many building inspectors require specifications on all aspects of swimming pools (from the pool itself to auxiliary equipment). Occasionally, we get requests for spec sheets for our ladders and steps so the town officials can understand the height, width, depth, etc.

Also, many homeowners are curious about the same, so they can plan for fit, function, and aesthetics in their swimming pool.

Below please find the dimensional measurements for our various models. They will download as a PDF…

In-pool (deck ladders)

635-52X Ladder Dimensions

6000X Ladder Dimensions

A-frame ladders

7000X Ladder Dimensions

7100X Ladder Dimensions

7200 Ladder Dimensions

Ladders that attach to pool steps

8000X Ladder Dimensions

8100X Ladder Dimensions

Pool Steps

CCX AG Step Dimensions

CCX AG W ADD ON Step Dimensions

CCX IG Step Dimensions

CCX IG W ADD ON Step Dimensions

PES Step Dimensions

Step-1X Step Dimensions

Step-ENC-X Dimensions