The people of Confer Plastics

When you buy a USA-made Confer Plastics product you are acting as an economic driver, doing your part to employ your fellow Americans.

Consider the number of people you impact with your purchase…

6 people make a Leisure Accents bistro table set.

8 people make a 7200 swimming pool ladder.

10 people make a 7000 pool ladder.

12 people make a Step-1 pool step.

13 people make a Curve step system.

Those are just the direct jobs at the plant related to those goods. There are still many more folks among our 150 coworkers who design the products, market them, set-up and maintain the machines to produce them, bring material to the machines, ship the goods, and much more.

People commute from communities across Western New York to work here (from Buffalo to Niagara Falls, and Lewiston to Medina). Those wage earners earn good pay, get bonuses, receive excellent health insurance benefits, take paid vacations, and live their version of the American Dream: For them, that might be buying a car or home, putting their kids through college, investing in their own small business, purchasing a camp, or saving for their retirement.


We are honored that many of our coworkers look at this as a career and not just a job: Nearly 50 people have joined our coveted Twenty-Year Club!




One-in-five of our coworkers were not born in the United States and we take great pride in working with and helping these refugees from Asia and Africa who came from horrible conditions such as civil wars and other violent and dehumanizing atrocities in places like Myanmar and Sudan. They came from hell to America -- heaven on Earth. We (and, in essence YOU, through your purchases) give them a chance to overcome those horrible experiences and enjoy all of the greatness that the America Dream has to offer.


Your impact doesn’t end with our team, either. We buy domestic materials, skids, and boxes, while relying on truckers to move our products and local companies to help maintain and upgrade our equipment. Many, many people outside of our company have gainful employment because of you.


So, THANK YOU…. thank you for buying our products and supporting your neighbors and the US economy!