Curve In Ground Inpool Step System

MSRP $519.99

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  • Available in four configurations; two for aboveground and two for inground
  • Start with the base step unit (staircase) and then expand into a complete Curve system at any time
  • Curve system has the sweeping “wedding cake” look that many homeowners want in a pool step
  • Four tread unit is for above ground pools
  • Three tread unit is for inground pools
  • Above ground unit can be assembled with treads curving inwards or outwards depending on customer preferences
  • Eye-catching, graceful sloping handrails
  • Two tone color – grey treads with warm grey (beige) sidewalls and handrails. Complements any swimming pool!
  • Adjustable base pads to compensate for a slightly-dished pool floor
  • Can be shipped by UPS or Fed-Ex
  • Weight limit – 400 lbs.
  • Tread width – 27”
  • Tread depth – 10”
  • Riser height – 11”
  • Unit depth – 32”
  • Handrail height (from top step) – 30”
  • Height to top tread – In ground 36” – Above ground 47”
  • Mounting bracket length – 24”
  • Overall outside width – 38”
  • Complete Curve System width – 58”
  • 5 year full factory warranty on manufacturing defects and workmanship
  • Built in compliance with ISPSC 2021 
Frequently Asked Questions
Can a Curve add-on be installed on the left side of the Curve base unit?
The add-on portion of the Curve Step (item #CCX-AG-2) can only be installed on the right side of the base step unit.
What are the dimensions of your pool ladders and steps?
Here are the dimensional measurements for our various models.
How do I prevent my Curve step from floating?
Floating steps can be a problem if all the air has NOT been removed from the insides of the step system.If the step is floating, the installer needs to ensure that the correct amount of sand has been added and the step has been purged of all air. Click above for more solutions!
Do your steps float?
NO!! If the appropriate amount of sand is added, the steps do not float.
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Additional Accessories

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