The Confer Plastics Response to Covid-19



We at Confer Plastics pride ourselves on our ongoing response to Covid-19. We began educating our coworkers and building a culture around Covid-19 in January of 2020, well in advance of federal, state, and local governments reacting to the threat.

Since those dawning days of the virus’s assault on America’s people and economy, we’ve instituted a wide range of protocols and controls to keep our families, customers, contractors and community safe.

Our coworkers deserve a healthy place to work

The company has instituted and will continue to institute various policies and procedures to protect our coworkers from Covid-19. They include but are not limited to:

  • Daily health screenings
  • Access to a diverse testing network
  • Work station modifications
  • Common-area controls
  • Mandated use of PPE
  • Social distancing
  • Incentivized vaccinations

Confer Plastics has further taken the lead in this regard with the designation of Nick Kocur as our Covid-19 Administrator. His full-time responsibility to our organization and our people will be, through the global crisis, to manage all aspects of Covid-19 control such as creation and refinement of policies, auditing of personnel and procedures, development of work stations, and tracing.

Our clients, vendors, and contractors deserve a healthy place to do their job

Anyone visiting the plant will be able to pursue their economic activity in an environment that affords them protection just as it does our coworkers. But, it’s a two-way street – we have to ensure anyone coming here does not present a health threat to our team.

Anyone visiting and entering the facility must:

  • Be pre-approved
  • Have an appointment
  • Receive health screening (temperature check and questions regarding exposure)
  • Wear a mask
  • Practice social distancing

Our customers deserve a healthy supply chain

All of these controls help ensure not only a healthy workplace but a healthy supply chain as well. All of the controls we’ve instituted should prevent the spread of disease in the plant ensuring we don’t have downtime related to an outbreak. It also gives our customers peace in mind in knowing that they are buying products from an employer that has the best interests of their employees in mind.



Our team has shown excellence in creating, refining, and following covid protocols. 

Our community deserves to pursue the American Dream

We believe Confer Plastics is a part of the community and that the community is part of Confer Plastics.

Keeping with that tradition, we’ve been open and collaborative about our response to Covid-19.

In early-May of 2020 -- prior to any guidelines being made available by the state -- we produced a narrative about what we did, why we did, and how we did it it in hopes of helping small businesses develop their own plans to reopen safely and continue to be open safely.

A copy of that document can be downloaded here:

Confer Plastics Action Plan

Numerous county governments and economic development offices shared that document was shared with countless businesses and New York State even used it to help develop their universal reopening guidelines.


Questions? Concerns?


If you have any questions or concerns about our coronavirus response, please feel free to contact:


Nick Kocur, Covid-19 Administrator

716.693.2056 (x 222)


Bob Confer, President

716.693.2056 (x 221)

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