Flexible Spa Panel Kit



How do I know if this will work on my hot tub?

  1. Is the length of your hot tub less than a 96″ x 96″ (or 32′ in total length)
  2. Is your panel height less than 34.5″

Then this will work to replace the panels on your hot tub!

Do I need to remove the existing skirting on my hot tub?

No! The FSP can be installed right over your existing skirting! If you choose to remove the skirting, some additional framework will be necessary to reinforce where the panels overlap.

How do the panels overlap?

The panels have a built-in overlap design



How do I access my equipment panel?

We include flange pieces for an access door. Read more in our instructions here: https://www.conferplastics.com/download_file/view/1157

How does the FSP ship?

In a single carton in 5 separate rolls



Are the screws included? 

Yes! We include color-matched screws

What tools do I need for assembly?

The installer will need a circular saw, a string, measuring tape, a drill, and a pencil

How easy is the installation?

Take a look at our installation manual here: https://www.conferplastics.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/97455_RG_ConferSPA_PanelKit_final.pdf

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