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Pool Ladders A-Frame

Model #7200

Roll-Guard A-Frame Safety Ladder

  • Aesthetically pleasing contemporary design in beautiful warm gray color
  • Large 5 inch x 18 inch wide Comfortreads
  • Curved side rails designed with strength in mind
  • Inner side rails include integrated side barriers to prevent entry behind the ladder
  • Easy assembly with minimal hardware
  • Adjusts to fit pools 48” to 56” tall
  • Lockable Roll-Guard Barrier (lock included)
  • Extra large top platform
  • Just fill side rails with water to prevent floating, no sand or bricks needed
  • Fits pool top seats up to 14 inches wide
  • Ladder must be attached to pool frame -not for use on soft-sided/inflatable pools.
  • Convertible to inpool ladder using CK7200 kit – sold seperately
  • Video Tutorial: Watch now on Youtube

Suggested Retail Price

$ 330.00

Confer Plastic Pool Ladders Safe Affordable

Model G7200

Roll-Guard Gate

  • Attaches easily to our 7200 Roll-Guard ladder to provide added security
  • Self-closing and self-latching
  • Satisfies most building inspector requirements
  • Latch is located well out of the reach of small children
  • Latch is 73″ above grade
  • Manufactured to meet current BOCA Codes and requirements
  • Contoured design “hugs” ladder steps and restricts access
  • Model 7200 ladder not included
  • Padlock included

Suggested Retail Price

$ 120.00

Confer Plastic Pool Ladders Safe Affordable

Model #7000X

Eliminator A-frame Ladder

  • One SKU fits 48″ to 54″ above ground pools: Adjustability is made by simply moving side braces up or down depending on pool height.
  • Heavy duty construction: Unique one piece handrail/leg design will hold 300lbs.
  • Five evenly spaced steps make climbing the ladder easier: Most other adjustable ladders increase the space between the bottom step and the next step when installed in a 53″ or 54″ pool.
  • Outer steps swing up and lock into upright position: Some building inspectors now require this instead of a lift-off ladder section.
  • No sand required; just fill with water to prevent floating. Most other ladders use a bag filled with sand.
  • Converts to an inpool ladder with optional CK100 Kit: Just cut ladder to desired length.
  • Two tone color: grey steps with a warm grey body: Complements today’s pools
  • Competitively priced: Compare all of our features with other manufacturers’ ladders.
  • Safety first: Ladder now comes complete with a padlock for added safety benefit.
  • # 7000-EXT Extension kit available for 56″ tall pools.
  • Features an anti-entrapment barrier
  • Ladder must be attached to pool frame -not for use on soft-sided/inflatable pools.

Suggested Retail Price

$ 320.00

Confer Plastic Pool Ladders Safe Affordable

Model #7100X

Evolution A-frame Ladder

  • Economical, yet full-featured
  • Fits 48” to 54” pools
  • Snap-lock treads for quick, easy assembly
  • Swing-up outer section inhibits unauthorized access to pool
  • Outer treads can be padlocked (lock included)
  • 16” tread width
  • No sand or bricks required; just fill with water
  • Available in warm grey, complementing today’s brown or grey pools
  • Convertible to Inpool ladder with otional CK-7100W conversion kit
  • Features an anti-entrapment barrier
  • Weight guideline: 300 lbs.
  • Ladder must be attached to pool frame -not for use on soft-sided/inflatable pools.
  • Now featuring 2-piece handrail design that allows for reduced package size while cutting back on shipping costs

Suggested Retail Price

$ 250.00