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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below are some questions we’re often asked regarding our pool and spa products. If you have other questions, either regarding our products or our custom molding capabilities, please feel free to contact us!

What is blow molding?
Here is a very basic explanation of blow molding:
Our machine extrudes molten plastic that is in the shape of a hollow tube. This tube is captured between two halves of a mold that defines the shape of the part to be produced. Air is then injected into the mold, forcing the plastic to the shape of the mold. The plastic is then allowed to cool for a few minutes. The mold opens…and you have a perfectly formed part. See the “Custom Blow Molding” section of this site for additional information.

Can Confer Plastics products be shipped via UPS?
Yes, all of our ladders, steps, and accessories are UPS-able….except for the #PES-1 and the #PES-DBL.

I build swimming pools and face a lot of scrutiny from building inspectors. Do your products meet the various building codes?
Yes, they do.

The Model 7000, 7100 and 8000 ladders have a feature that allows the outside half to be swung up and locked in an upright fashion. This pleases many inspectors.

The PES-DBL is much more effective at satisfying building inspectors. It meets ANSI, NSPI, and BOCA codes. For specs, click here .

My pool bottom is dished in and has a slope to it. Is the Confer Step a good choice for my pool?
No, the STEP-1 can only be used on pools with flat bottoms. A great choice for a sloped pool is our Pool Entry System (PES-1 or PES-DBL). All four corners of the PES are adjustable in height, so it can be configured to almost every pool bottom.

What are the weight limits for your pool ladders and entry systems?
Confer Plastics pool ladders are very sturdy. The maximum weight capacities for some of our more popular ladders are: 225 pounds for the 36″ ladder, 300 pounds for the #7000 ladder, and 400 pounds for both the PES and STEP-1.

Do I have to put sand in my Confer-Step?
Yes. Sand is needed to prevent floating, especially in 52″ pools.

How do I clean around or under my PES or Confer-Step?
Even though the design of your PES/Step allows water to circulate through it, helping to keep it clean, it is necessary to periodically clean under it. Various factors such as trees and air pollution can cause dirt to accumulate under your steps. Cleaning under them can be done by flushing out any accumulated dirt using full water pressure from a garden hose nozzle.

A couple of times during the swimming season it is a good idea to disconnect your PES/Step from the deck, move it to one side, and vacuum or brush the dirt away. If you have two units connected together, one inside the pool and one outside, you may need the help of a second person to move them. Use caution when moving them on your pool liner.

Can I use the Confer-Step (Model Step-1) in my inground pool?
The Confer Step has been designed primarily to work in aboveground pools. However, it can be used in some inground pools. The bottom of the pool must be flat (not sloped) and the wall height must be at least 48”. The consumers also must supply their own hardware to fasten it to the concrete deck (available at your local hardware store).

Does the Spa Pad need to be filled with sand or water?
The Spa Pad is engineered with ample strength as is. It does not get filled with sand or water.

What safety advice do you have for the swimming pool owner?
Your best source of safety information can be found at the official website of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. This link will take you to a page that will allow you to access the APSP’s thorough and informative guidebook The Sensible Way to Enjoy Your Aboveground/Onground Swimming Pool. Please read it and share its comments with your family and guests.

Should I purchase a liner protector pad for under my ladder or steps?
While we have made every effort in the manufacturing and design of our products to put the least amount of wear and tear on your liner, a pad placed under your ladder or steps is extra insurance and may prolong the life of your liner. Contact your local pool dealer or an internet pool accessories reseller.