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The 2019 Confer Classic was HUGE!

The fourth annual Confer Plastics Classic Golf Tournament took place this past Wednesday and it was our biggest and best ever!

Here are some thoughts from the day…

• We were blessed with 145 golfers. 145! Our previous high was 116, so this was a pleasant surprise
• All golfers before and after the event had smiles on their faces. Everyone seemed to be having a genuinely good time. That might be the reason behind the growing popularity of the event – it’s a fun, no-pressure tournament that supports a great cause
• The top eight teams each got prizes. Next year, we’re going to shake it up: The top 3 will get prizes, but the next 5 prizes we be randomly awarded to teams, whether they had a good score or an OK score – we will do this by drawing place positions from a hat
• No one got a hole in one or a Hit It To Win It prize, but everyone tried really hard
• My swing has not improved. I guess that happens when you golf just once a year
• Willowbrook’s staff did a great job yet again managing the set-up, flow, and meals. Their grounds crew did an exceptional job especially given how wet the spring and early summer have been
• Speaking of wet – this was the first time we’ve had rain during golf at the Classic. Luckily, it lasted just 10 minutes
Carol Genet is pretty darn awesome. Again, she and her team of volunteers did a fantastic job with the raffle. Have you ever seen such a massive, well-organized raffle at a golf tournament? Heck, have you ever seen such a massive, well-organized raffle as its own event? So much work went into that, collecting and organizing prizes and setting everything up. Mrs. G is the best!
• There were more than 100 baskets and prizes and it was the most lucrative Confer Classic raffle yet. The total income generated by the raffles alone was a whopping $7,300!

So, how much money in total did the Classic and its raffle generate? The Iroquois Trail Council will be receiving $19,600!

Yes, $19,600!!

That’s a staggering $6,000 more than last year!!



Thank you to everyone who sponsored, golfed, donated prizes, helped out, bid on raffles and made sure this was a great event. All the proceeds will be donated to the Iroquois Trail Council to advance the programming for our Scouts and Explorers in eastern Niagara, Genesee, Livingston, Orleans, and Wyoming Counties.

As I mentioned in my speech at the Classic, Scouting changes lives and saves lives.

We couldn’t do it without you.