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King, Confer, Johnston join the Twenty Year Club

The coveted Twenty Year Club grows by 3 over the next week!

First up on Friday is Mark King.

Mark is in charge of our secondary operations department which handles packing of products, hardware kitting, post-molding assembly and special projects such as foaming.

Mark is also one of our United Way liaisons, a regular tour guide at the plant, and has served as the foreman on all three shifts.

On Saturday, Connie Confer celebrates 20 years.

She is the human resources manager and a third-generation Confer in the family business. She was able to work with her grandfather Ray, the company’s founder, for a year before his passing and is still working with her dad and brother.

She oversees the payroll and benefits for more than 200 people across 3 locations. Along with Mark, she handles the booth at special events in the community, such as Niagara County job fairs, Niagara University’s Earth Day and the Niagara Air Show.

Next Friday, Tom Johnston hits the two decade mark.

Tom has been the material handler on third shift for many years. In that role he takes product from the machines to the warehouse or trailers and also brings materials and components to the workstations.

One job that he excels at is systems cleaning, a process in which colors are changed on various jobs. He has it down to a science and the changeovers during the overnights are consistently efficient, minimizing downtime.

These three bring our Twenty Year Club membership to a total of 35.

We appreciate their devotion to the company, our customers, and our coworkers. Twenty years is a long time to be with any employer – the federal government says that across the country, the median tenure for workers is less than 5 years at their current employer.

How long has it been since they started working here? Consider the history of June and July of 1999…

  • The Kosovo War ended
  • John F Kennedy Jr. was killed in a plane crash
  • The Dallas Stars won the Stanley Cup over the Buffalo Sabres on Brett Hull’s “no goal”
  • The San Antonio Spurs won their first NBA Championship
  • Lance Armstrong won the 1st of 7 consecutive Tour de France titles