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Weather update for January 21, 2019

The winter storm came and went, but we’re still feeling the effects, especially on country roads where the wind is drifting the snow badly.

Luckily, almost all of first shift (foremen, machine operators, inspectors, and material handlers) is scheduled to start today at 11:00 AM due to scheduled preventive maintenance on the chiller system. By then the winds should be less and the roads navigable. So, come in as planned.

But, there is still a good number of people reporting at their regular time this morning (office, shipping, machinists, set-up), some who need special consideration based on their travels. City folk (Niagara Falls, the Tonawandas, Kenmore, Amherst, etc), you’ll be fine. But, anyone coming from rural communities (you guys and gals who live in Gasport, Newfane, Ransomville) you can start at 11:00 with the others, if you’d like…or anytime before that. The rural roads are bad this morning, take your time. Leave when the winds die down.

2nd and 3rd shift, come to work as regularly scheduled.