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Snow storm report for January 30 and 31, 2019

This map shows the anticipated snowfall from Tuesday (January 29th) through Thursday (January 31st). Wednesday and Thursday are going to be incredibly dicey for our coworkers who comes from Buffalo, Williamsville, and puts south…lots of snow, lots of wind.

As for anyone coming from anywhere in Niagara County, it will be a relatively stress-free commute because we’re being spared the lake snows. So, we’ll be open for sure.

BUT, anyone coming from Erie County should play it by ear on Wednesday and Thursday.

If you live in Erie County and there is a driving BAN there, do not come in, even though we will be open.

If you live in Erie County and there is a travel ADVISORY only there, travel at your discretion.

If you are not coming in, leave a message on the factory phone so the foreman knows: 716.695.1023.

Any missed work because of a ban or advisory in Erie County will count as an excused absence.