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Recognizing our 2nd shift veterans

We do Veterans Day the right way at Confer Plastics. To recognize the folks who DESERVE to have Veterans Day off, only Confer Plastics and Adecco personnel who are veterans or currently serving in the armed forces will have next Monday off and get the holiday pay that comes with it. The rest of the workforce will be working.

We do this to recognize the men and women who risked life, limb, and livelihood to ensure that we all have the freedoms that we enjoy.

These individuals will be made conspicuous by their absence at the plant, which will really hammer home the value that these folks have to our company AND our country.

These gentlemen on our second shift who were members of our armed forces are Don Reese, Earle Hall, Joe Ciszek, and Brian Bimber.

We thank them for keeping America — and the world — safe!