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Notice to our coworkers about 21 February 2019 paychecks

Notice to our coworkers…

If you are a CPI employee who typically receives direct deposit you WON’T this week.

If you are a direct depositor, don’t throw out your paycheck as you normally do…this week it is a REAL paycheck.

Our payroll provider, and others across the country, are having issues processing payroll this week. The software they use was being compromised by a malicious threat from a foreign entity. To defend against it they threw up a wall to stop it and disable direct deposit and other things so the spies could not potentially steal people’s banking information.

While having a live check might be a pain in the butt, it’s a good thing it’s happening because the threat was recognized and is being dealt with. Other companies wouldn’t have been so properly reactive – look at how often you hear of data branches happening in the news.

Word of advice to direct depositors: Deposit the check immediately. Many of you have scheduled automatic withdrawals for bill payments, etc. Make sure you have money in the bank to cover them.

If any have any questions or concerns see or call Connie or Frank.