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Leadership Niagara tours Confer Plastics

Forty-four members of this year’s Leadership Niagara class toured Confer Plastics on February 7th as a part of their Manufacturing Day. The participants were able to walk the factory floor and see a variety of products being made. For most, this day was their first look at the inner workings of a manufacturing environment. They also heard from our vice-president Bob Confer who talked about leadership in organizations and in communities.

This was just one stop on their full day of small business & leadership activities. They also hear from Joe Urban — who gave them a tour of Platter’s Chocolates and spoke about his brand of leadership.

Leadership Niagara is a year-long leadership training program for adults who represent a cross section of Niagara County; including business, labor, education, the arts, religion, government, community based organizations, ethnic and minority groups.They meet for daylong sessions held each month addressing diverse, local needs. LN focuses on helping participants to enhance their understanding and recognition of what our community lacks to become a better place to live and work, followed by becoming involved and making it happen. The program provides opportunities for participants to develop their own personal leadership styles and networking opportunities. More information can be found at:

If your community organization would like to tour our factory send an e-mail to Bob Confer at