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Confer initiates recall for Curve model of pool steps

Since the 1970’s, Confer Plastics has been the industry leader in pool and spa entry systems (ladders and steps). Confer Plastics’ mission is to provide customers with high quality, safe and durable products at the best prices.

In July 2018, and for the first time ever, Confer Plastics was advised that a child stuck his arm into a side opening on one of Confer Plastic’s Curve in-pool step systems and the arm became temporarily wedged. The child was able to remove his arm but did suffer some scratches. The side openings are present to assist in water circulation in the pool and are used by virtually every manufacturer of plastic in-pool step systems.

Confer Plastics immediately investigated the event and determined that the side openings present a potential hazard. To address the potential hazard, Confer Plastics reported the incident to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Confer Plastics then worked with the CPSC to notify consumers and to design a repair kit that completely removes the potential hazard. Because of Confer Plastic’s rapid and effective response, the CPSC accepted Confer Plastics into its Fast Track Recall Program.

But Confer Plastics did not stop there. As an industry leader in safety, Confer Plastics has also redesigned its Curve in-pool step systems and removed the side openings. Because most other plastic in-pool step systems available to consumers have similar side openings, Confer Plastics is also working with pool and spa industry associations to raise awareness of the potential hazard that the side openings present. Confer Plastics hopes that the other manufacturers in the pool and spa industry will follow its lead and make similar adjustments to their products.

The official press release as well as information for how consumers can request a repair kit — free of charge — can be found here: