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Orie Cornett has retired

Orie Cornett retires from Confer Plastics today after having spent 27 years with the company.

Prior to that, Orie spent 23 years with the US Army.

Think about that…

50 years.

2 employers.

That longevity shows his amazing commitment to the country and our company.

Orie started off on our first shift in January of 1991 and within a couple of years he took the leadership skills that he mastered in the military to our 3rd shift where he worked for more than 16 years as the foreman. Since then, he had served as the manager of our regrind materials, expertly ensuring that our regrind was organized and distributed to each shift. It was a big undertaking when you consider that we buy 19 million pounds of material a year and a substantial amount becomes regrind.

Orie will be missed at the plant. He always had the best interest of everyone at heart – the company, our coworkers, and our customers. He cared.

Orie also had the best sayings – his collections of “Orie-isms” were creative, he was like a modern day Yogi Berra. His sayings sounded even better with his Kentucky accent. Orie is truly unique.

His first day at the plant was January 9, 1991. So we can understand how long ago Orie started here, this is what happened that month…

  • Operation Desert Storm began with US-led coalition forces bombing Iraq. The heavily-televised combat phase of the Gulf War would continue for a month and half
  • The Buffalo Bills lost to the New York Giants, 20-19, in Super Bowl XXV
  • The Russians stormed Lithuania
  • The big winners in the 18th American Music Awards were Janet Jackson and MC Hammer
  • Gaylord Perry, Fergie Jenkins and Rod Carew were voted in the Baseball Hall of Fame
  • Baseball banned Pete Rose from being elected to the Hall of Fame