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Heat notice: July 5th, 2018

Note to our coworkers for Thursday, July 5th:

The heat has been oppressive the past few days. Luckily, we had a 5-day weekend so we didn’t have to battle that heat in the factory. But, today, work resumes and the heat wave is still on. It is forecast to be 91 degrees and humid, and the Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for this afternoon and evening.

Production will still go on today, BUT you are not required to report to work — you can at your own discretion in this heat and humidity. Those who do not report to work will not be paid (unless they use a personal or vacation day) and it will count as an excused absence. You will still be eligible for holiday pay this week.

Two things to know, though…

If you are NOT coming in due to the heat, you MUST leave a message for your supervisor at 716.695.1023 prior to the start of your shift. Failure to do so will have your absence count as an unexcused absence and you will lose holiday pay eligibility.

This applies only to 1st shift and 2nd shift. By time 3rd shift arrives, the cold front will be passing through, it will be raining, and temperatures will drop dramatically.