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Winter storm impact: March 2, 2018

The winter storm has been playing havoc with the roads since Thursday evening. Half of 3rd shift did not make it in due to the storm. We are open for business, but it is at the discretion of 1st shift personnel if they would like to work on Friday, March 2nd because the morning drive will be a mess. 2nd and 3rd shift Friday will see regular business because the roads will be fine by then. If you are not coming in for first shift, call in so the foreman knows for scheduling — but please note, the factory phone line is acting up so call the office phone at 716.693.2056 and leave a message on Bob’s extension (221). Any third shift personnel who didn’t work Thursday night and any first shift personnel who don’t work Friday will be granted an excused absence because of the weather…and if you did miss those weather-effected shifts and work Saturday, Saturday will still count as OT (given you worked the other 4 fair weather days this week).