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John Schneider to retire after 35 years

This Wednesday will mark the final day of work for John Schneider. John is retiring after having worked here for more than 35 years as a technician and foreman, with most of those years on first shift. He started his Confer career at our old plant on East Ave inside the old Roblin Steel building.


Prior to working at CPI, John spent 12 years at JH Williams in Buffalo, starting there in 1970. Williams was a long-time manufacturer of hand tools like wrenches and pliers. That company closed its Buffalo operations and the site is now occupied by a General Motors plant.


His first day at the plant was August 20th, 1982. How long ago was that? To put it into perspective, when John filled out his application he indicated he wanted to start at $4.00/hour. Here are some newsworthy things that happened that month…


  • Rickey Henderson stole his 119th base to break Lou Brock’s record single season record
  • The USA and USSR competed against one another with 4 nuclear tests, each one bigger than the next
  • Steve Miller’s “Abracadabra” hit #1 on the music charts
  • Israel bombed and invaded Beirut and PLO leader Yasser Arafat barely escaped Lebanon alive
  • ET was still dominating the summer box office, followed by Poltergeist


John has been a joy to work with all these years. We will miss him here. We wish him the very best in retirement and nothing but happy times with his family and all of his pursuits.