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Coworkers: Notice about potential winter storm for March 1 & 2, 2018

A message to our coworkers: After being teased with warm, spring-like weather recently, the National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning for tonight and tomorrow morning.
Based on the timing of the storm, it will likely impact first shift (and the end of third) on Friday morning. I don’t see this having an impact on 2nd and 3rd shift Friday evening/night.

Here’s a reminder about our snow day policy…

If we are closed, there will be a posting on Confer Plastics’ Facebook page and the news page on our website,

If we are closed, Adecco and Confer staff will attempt to call you.

If there is a driving BAN in Niagara County, do not come in. We will be closed.

If you live in Erie County and there is a driving BAN only there, do not come in, even though we will be open.

If there is a travel ADVISORY in Niagara County, we will still be open. Travel at your own discretion.

If you live in Erie County and there is a travel ADVISORY only there, travel at your discretion.

If you are not coming in, leave a message on the factory phone so the foreman knows: 716.695.1023.

If your shift is cancelled or you are impacted by a ban or advisory, you can still collect overtime on Saturday given that you worked your other scheduled shifts this week.

Any missed work because of a ban or advisory will count as an excused absence.

If the 3rd shift foremen is informed of hazardous conditions on the roads (bans and advisories) Thursday night/Friday morning he will allow individuals to leave early if they would like.