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Encouraging our fellow employers to participate in NYS DOL program

Last week, we completed another project with the New York State Department of Labor’s on-site consultation service. We encourage all of our fellow employers in NY to do the same.

This free program, which we participate in every other year, offers great benefit for workplace safety.

Under this voluntary program, a NYS DOL inspector visits your workplace and conducts an inspection in the same manner that OSHA would. You aren’t fined for his findings (unless you fail to fix the problem) and his findings aren’t made public.

The consultation program helps employers figure out where their safety programs might be lacking and it helps to show them what needs repair.

It’s always good to have a set of eyes from outside your company see how things are done and should be done, whether you operate a factory, warehouse, retail store, farm or nursing home.

Not only can this can help you improve your safety program, but it also keeps OSHA out of your workplace until the project is done.

Here’s a PDF about the service:

If you are in WNY, you can contact senior safety & health inspector Brad Hahn at 716.847.7665 or