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When you buy one of our products, you help employ Americans

When you buy a US-made Confer Plastics product you are acting as an economic driver, doing your part to employ your fellow Americans.

Consider the number of people you impact with your purchase…

It takes 8 people to make a 7200 swimming pool ladder.

It takes 10 people to make a 7000 pool ladder.

It takes 12 people to make a Step-1 step.

It takes 13 people to make a Curve step system.

Those are just the direct jobs at the plant related to those goods. There are still many more folks who design the products, market them, set-up the machines to produce them, bring material to the machines, ship the goods and much more! In total, 225 people work here.

So, THANK YOU….thank you for buying our pool & spa products and supporting your neighbors and the US economy!