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Thank you to Dave Bottom for 27 years at Confer Plastics


Yesterday, Doug & Bob Confer had a reflective lunch with Dave Bottom as a sort of “good-bye and thank you” to Dave. Next week, Dave will be leaving Confer Plastics and moving to South Carolina to be with family. Dave has been with us for almost 27 years, starting here at the tender age of 20. Over that time, we saw him become a great husband and father, all while being a great coworker. He started here as a machine operator — and he even trained Bob Confer on Bob’s first day on the job back in 1993! This photo from the late-1990s show Dave trimming one of our pool ladders. About 15 years ago, Dave become one of our material handlers and fork truck drivers. We will miss Dave and we wish him the best of luck. He’s been a joy to work with all these years.