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Confer Plastics snow issues March 14th

Due to the weather, we have to shutdown most of our large machines making custom products because we can’t get those products to their warehouse and those products can’t leave that warehouse because the Thruway has been shut down. But, we will still be running our pool & spa machines today.

All that being said, Adecco personnel (except those who started this week) are NOT to report to work at the plant on Tuesday, March 14th. They can return to work on Wednesday, March 15th.

Confer personnel should report and at their discretion based upon the ban/advisory criteria outlined in our snow day policy (which was posted on Facebook yesterday as a reminder).

Anyone kept home today or who can’t come in because of a ban or advisory today will still receive time and a half pay on Saturday even though they will have less than 40 hours going into Saturday.