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Confer Plastics’ diversity rate is almost 40%!

We are in the thick of “tour season” with many visits by schools, colleges, and civic groups coming up at the plant. On every tour, there are always a few attendees who mention how impressed they are at the diversity of our workplace.

How diverse are we?

We currently employ 228 people. Of them, 88 (or 39% of the workforce) are considered minorities. 39%!

Our team consists of 4 of Middle Eastern decent (2%), 15 Hispanics (7%), 26 African Americans (11%), and 44 Asians (19%).

Those numbers are in stark contrast to the general make-up of the community. Niagara County’s overall minority rate is 11.9%. If you narrow that down to the City of North Tonawanda where our factory is, the overall minority rate is only 3.5%.

Our diversity rate is very high – and we were one of the first employers in this city to really break the color barrier — but, it’s something we’ve never really focused on or were purposeful about. Our view has always been that people are people; it doesn’t matter what their skin tones or socioeconomic backgrounds might be. Everyone deserves a chance to work, be a part of our team and achieve their American Dream.