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Snow storm notice for 2nd shift (14 December 2016)

Message to our second shift personnel who live in Erie County:
If the Weather Service is correct, your commute to work today (Wednesday the 14th) will be a total mess with strong lake snows and winds buffeting northern Erie County.
So, if you live in Williamsville, Buffalo and points south, we encourage you to come to work at your own discretion today. It will count as an excused absence if you do not work tonight. We don’t want people getting hurt or destroying their car coming to work. BUT, you MUST call the breakroom (716.692.1025) and/or Adecco to let us know you won’t be coming in so that Ron can plan staffing accordingly.
This message applies only to 2nd shift personnel who are Erie County residents — Niagara County will have less of an impact from the snow and the storm will have moved on by time 3rd shift reports to work.
Also, we will allow 1st shift personnel who live in Buffalo to leave early (1:00 PM) if they’d like to beat the worst of the storm.