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How long have our coworkers been with the company?

We take pride in the support that our coworkers have for the company and our customers. Of our nearly 200 coworkers, 149 are Confer employees (the others are Adecco personnel on a temp-to-perm path). Those Confer employees average more than 9 years of service to the company! And, realize that high number is even brought down a little by of all the people who just got hired on in the past 2 years as we expanded. The Department of Labor says that the average US worker has been at his/her job for 4.4 years, so our team is well beyond that. 53 people on our team have more than 11 years here under their belt. That’s a big reason why our customers receive what we believe to be excellent quality of service and products – our people know what they are doing and they know what you want!