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River and Witmer intersection is closed for one week

This is a notice to ALL of our coworkers as well as all truck drivers, construction personnel and others planning to visit our facility over the next week…

CSX is doing maintenance work on the rail crossing in front of the plant at the intersection of River and Witmer Roads, closing off the most-used means of entering our driveway. According to CSX officials, the crossing will be closed 24 hours a day through Wednesday, August 24th. Some folks (specifically commuters) should plan to enter our main driveway from the north, taking Witmer Road from Niagara Falls Boulevard. Others, who typically come from River Road (which is most of our commuters and all of our truckers) can access Witmer Road by taking Ward Road north, turning left onto Warner and then left onto Witmer.

None of those are designated trucking routes…if a truck driver is pulled over, he/she is to explain the situation to the police.

To the community: We apologize for the inconvenience (our trucks will be traveling on residential streets on 1st and 3rd shift for the next week) but this unexpected closure of the main drag forces our hand. Between our trucks and incoming/outgoing trucks, there will be 40 trucks coming through a day. The only way to stop the traffic would be to layoff 200 people for a week…I won’t do that.

And, this last note is for CSX: This is not the first time you neglected to tell us you were closing this absolutely critical crossing for what is the largest employer in the City (besides the school district). We were unaware of the repair and it’s duration (hours? days?) and we did not get an answer about the duration of the repair until our team navigated FORTY minutes of phone calls to CSX and various city offices. Next time, please be a better community partner.