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Confer Plastics’ diversity rate

Quite often when we have tours at the plant,  attendees mention how impressed they are at the diversity of our workforce. They’d like to know the percentage, because we aren’t typical to a Niagara County workplace.

How diverse are we?

We currently employ 203 people. Of them, 72 (35% — or more than a third of the workforce) are considered minorities. Our team consists of 4 of Middle Eastern decent, 12 Hispanics, 25 African Americans, and 31 Asians.

Those numbers are in stark contrast to the general make-up of the community. Niagara County’s overall minority rate is 11.9%. If you narrow that down to the City of North Tonawanda where our factory is, the overall minority rate is only 3.5%.

Our diversity rate is very high – and we were one of the first employers in the city to really break the color barrier — but, it’s something we’ve never really focused on or were purposeful about. Our view has always been that people are people; it doesn’t matter what their skin tones or socioeconomic backgrounds might be. It’s what’s inside that counts.