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Confer expands the right way — no hand outs

This photo shows Pete, Doug, and Dave with one portion of our new machine that will be delivered to the plant in a couple of weeks. This is a major expansion for Confer Plastics and one we take pride in doing the right way…that is, taking a risk while also relying on our partners at the bank to provide the loans necessary for this critical investment. We easily could have secured a grant from the state for something in excess of $1 million, but we didn’t even pursue it at all. It was never on our radar. We practice what we preach: In our view, corporate welfare is not right; hardworking taxpayers should not be in the business of giving money to profit-making enterprises. Multi-million dollar giveaways like the those that New York State has awarded to some of the biggest corporations and richest men in the world are a reason why it costs so much to do business in New York. So, this is our message to the corporations that come to New York with their hands out: Stop it…if our little company can do things the fair and honest way, your large company can, too.