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Charlie Hohman is retiring

In the coming days, Charlie Hohman will be retiring from Confer Plastics. He’s been with us for over 26 years and has interacted with so many of our customers and suppliers that he’s as much a part of their team as he is ours. Over the years, he helped to oversee 3 different expansions of our main plant (the 1993 photo shows him at one of those construction projects) and was instrumental in bringing in numerous clients. He has been so dedicated to work that he missed only a handful of days to snow over his CPI career — despite driving in every day from North Collins which is more than 45 miles away and smack in the middle of WNY’s infamous snow belt. We will miss Charlie and we wish him well on his new adventures in life. He will enjoy the fun times to be had with his grandchildren and his wife Bonnie.