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Confer Plastics will not have a booth at International Pool, Spa, Patio Expo

Some attendees to next week’s International Pool, Spa and Patio Expo in Las Vegas might be shocked to find out that we don’t have a booth there for the only the second time in the past thirty-plus years. Fear not, we didn’t go out of business. It’s just that we’re planning on displaying at the Expo every other year because the industry’s habits have changed and the Show doesn’t have the bang for the buck that it used to.

Our most efficient and effective sales endeavors are now had at the regional shows and the distributor shows — the latter have become incredibly numerous over the past decade or so. The prevalence of those shows has made the International Expo far less effective of a marketing tool than it used to be.

Our sales manager Dennis Lederhouse will be at the show, though, walking the floor. If you’d like to meet with him while he’s there, reach out to him via email at