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CPI employee snow report for Monday, February 2nd, 2015


Here’s a message for first shift only (since the snow is supposed to die down this afternoon in time for the other shifts)….

Town, county, and state plows have been out in force overnight and the roads are pretty manageable (from a winter driving standpoint), especially given the weather conditions. Anyone who lives in Buffalo, the Tonawandas, and Niagara Falls areas should report to work.

If you live in points from the City of Lockport eastward to Medina (the area that’s supposed to get the most snow while having the roads that are the most windswept), come to work at your own discretion. For the folks in those areas, it will not be held against you if you are not here today. But, if you are not coming in, please call the lunchroom after 6:30 AM so Carl can schedule the machines accordingly.

2nd and 3rd shift should plan to report.