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Confer Plastics donates to WNY fundraisers

Confer Plastics loves to give to the community, with a special emphasis on more-localized events and fundraisers that help smaller organizations like churches, non-profits, scout troops and, especially, families that are in great need in times of health issues and other crises.

For years we gave away many of our Leisure Accents bistro sets to such events. They made for great raffle and door prizes and helped the organizers bring in some big money. In a typical year we donated them to 250 causes.

In August of 2017 we discontinued the furniture product line. None of those products had come close to achieving the sales volume we had hoped for when we launched the line in 2005. Our other product lines (pool ladders & steps, spa cabinets, etc) are growing so well we’d rather invest inventory, space, machine time, and personnel on those products.

This changed what we do for donations.

We will still help the many organizations have come to savor that benevolence — and we like to give. It’s the least we can do to help local organizations and families succeed in trying times and a trying economy.

From now on, donation requests will be answered with a $50 gift card to use at any of the seven Made in America Stores across WNY or on their website. We like what Mark Andol and the Made in America Store stand for and we know raffle bidders will appreciate shopping for high-quality, American-made products.

If your Western New York community organization or cause is looking for a prize to give away at a fundraiser, please email Bob Confer at with details about the event and a postal address for the gift certificate.